Cease Fire Unit (The New Shooting Response Team)

A group of highly skilled detectives have been tasked with the responsibility to respond to and investigate all non-fatal shootings within Jersey City. The shooting response team, better known as the "Cease Fire Unit", was created over six months ago and responds to all non-fatal shootings city wide, 24 hours a day. “By establishing a unit dedicated solely to investigating shootings, to gather evidence and criminal intelligence, we will have a cohesive and immediate response to these violent crimes,” Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop said. “Rather than to wait for information to come in from the different detective squads in the districts, this unit will work citywide on cases to bring closure and prevent additional shootings.” The purpose behind creating the unit was to dedicate a number of detectives to specifically investigate shootings, gather intelligence, solve cases and curb what would be future criminal acts involving non-fatal shootings. By creating a shooting response team, this allows precinct detectives to concentrate on unrelated criminal cases assigned to their districts as opposed to handling both simultaneously. During the period of August 2013 through December 2013 the Cease Fire Unit retained a solve rate of 53%, which resulted in numerous arrests and apprehensions. “Fatal shootings are routinely investigated by the Hudson County Prosecutors Office with assistance from the Jersey City Police Department but non-fatal cases are investigated by this department” Jersey City Chief of Police Robert Cowan said. “We want the residents of this city to know that we take any and all shootings seriously, these types of incidents will be investigated thoroughly and the unit will not only focus on making an apprehension of anyone involved but also building a stronger partnership with the community in hopes of quelling future acts of violence.”